Tips for Buying Homeowner’s Insurance : Mortgages & Home Insurance

hi I’m Michael Lee your business consultant today we’re gonna talk about tips for buying homeowners insurance homeowners insurance can be a very expensive proposition but of course it’s essential it can protect your home against fire flood and even earthquake few of us can afford to build our homes from scratch and so earthquake is essential there are several ways to reduce your homeowners insurance costs first maintain a security system and smoke alarm in your home a burglar alarm can help lower your annual premium by up to ten percent usually it’s required that it be monitored by a central station but it’s good protection especially in these days of tough economic times smoke alarms are standard in most modern homes these days but installing them in an older home can save you 10 percent or more on your insurance bill the second way to lower your insurance bill is to raise your deductible the higher your deductible the lower your annual premium you will be responsible for damage up to the cost of your deductible and your lender may limit the amount of that deductible third look for multi-policy discounts many insurance companies give a discount may be up ten percent or more if you have more than one policy with them this could be an auto or health policy in addition to your homeowners insurance the fourth way is a little off the wall but if you pay off your mortgage your homeowners insurance will go down because companies assume that if you own your home outright you’ll take a better care of it the fifth way to lower your home insurance bill is a senior discount if you’re over 50 and are willing to admit it you might be eligible for a discount insurance companies have different names for age preference policies they’re often called every thing from senior discounts to mature policy discounts if you qualify why not go for it and the sixth way to reduce your homeowners insurance bill is to regularly review and compare your policy at least once a year compare your policy to other insurance policies available on the market you should also review your existing policy and note any changes that could lower your premiums also make sure that you have all the coverage that you need homeowners insurance is a necessity while there are many ways to save money you should shop wisely there are some features that homeowners shouldn’t skimp on when you’re buying homeowners insurance and you should know the difference and then shop around I’m Michael Lee

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