How to make a home insurance claim – Which? top tips

What should you do if you need to make a home insurance claim?

Follow our five top tips to make the insurance claim process as simple as possible…

1) Be prepared
Keep your property in a good state of repair and whenever you make a big purchase keep the recept in a safe place.

2) Call your insurer promptly
Many insurers will give you up to 180 days to make a claim on your home insurance but delaying a claim could worsen the damage.

3) Gather evidence
Taking photos or videos of any damage could be useful if there’s a dispute

4) Get help from a loss assessor
Consider appointing your own claims specialist to help fight your claim

5) Don’t be afraid to complain
If you feel that your home insurance provider has treated you unfairly, don’t be afraid to make a complaint. If you’ve exhausted the complaints process outlined in your policy document, take the matter up with the Financial Ombudsman Service by calling 0300 123 9123.

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